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It’s Not About Perfection

Anyone remember this game?

A few years ago, my mom was going through my “things” (what she calls stuff in my childhood bedroom), and she brought me a bag of junk (what I call that stuff).…

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A Webinar with Shellye Archambeau

Join Me for a Webinar with Shellye Archambeau, Author of Unapologetically Ambitious.

Hello everyone,

Today I’m reaching out with a short but important note: an invitation to join me for a special webinar on October 20 at 8 am PT with Shellye Archambeau, Fortune 500 board member, former CEO of MetricStream, advisor, and author.…

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Join Me For a Webinar with Shelley Osborne

Join Me for a Webinar with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy & Author of The Upskilling Imperative

Hello everyone,

First, an invitation to join me for a special webinar on
September 29 at 8 am PT with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy.

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I Make the Rules

Make More Rules

I’ve always prided myself as a rule follower. Somewhat to the extreme.

I have trouble crossing the street when the walk sign is off. Even if there are no cars around.…

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Here is Your Awesome Leader Coloring Book

Back to School: No Supplies Needed

August feels different this year. I know you get that.

Back to school doesn’t feel or look like back to school. No one is finishing up a vacation, few people are dropping college freshman off, and in California, we are already staying indoors, evading smoke, as wildfires rage around us.…

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Managing Negativity: What to Do with the Complainer

[Pandemic aside, there is a complainer on almost every team: the person who has a lot to say and most of it is negative. For this blog, I’m not focusing on how to tackle the constant grumbler during COVID-19 times, as I don’t think we have to treat the complainer differently during a pandemic and WFH scenario.

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What’s in Your Emotional Baggage?

What’s in Your Pandemic Emotional Baggage?

Usually about this time of the year I’m packing or unpacking. Packing to leave for vacation or unpacking once I arrive somewhere.

Right now, I’m doing neither.…

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Leadership and the Dog Days of Summer

I love to use times of the year as reasons to do things. 

These things need to be accomplished anyway and the time of year doesn’t really matter. For example, spring cleaning can and should be done any season. …

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