Great leaders aren’t born. They’re built.

We help you build those leaders: 15 minutes at a time.

20,000+ awesome leaders

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Check Out What Your Managers Will Learn

Upskilling Starts with 15 Minutes

Being busy doesn’t mean there’s no time to develop your people managers into awesome leaders.

All our lessons are 15 minutes or less.

Pair those lessons with live weekly coaching calls, and then your managers are on the road to awesome.

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Get Your Team Started in 4 Steps

When you work with us, we guide the communication, onboarding, and kick-off of the program. 

We set up the program, so your managers and their managers work together towards success. 

We don’t leave you hanging when the program launches. We’re on the ride with you. 

Warning! There Are POSITIVE Side Effects.

Side effects include more effective meetings, better communication, happier employees, higher employee engagement, and less turnover of top performers. How does that sound?

Accountability Made Easy

The program is ready when you are. Your team can start as soon as next week. (We’re kinda not exaggerating.)

We set things up so managers and participants hold each other accountablewith a coach at their side.

Live Coaching Calls

Your team gets answers to sticky situations during weekly coaching calls.
Fast answers in a safe place.

Leila leads coaching calls or coaches she's trained and worked with do so. Experts only around here!

Right-Sized Lessons

A little at a time leads to big changes.

All lessons are under 15 minutes.
Resources ready to download and reference anytime: decks, transcripts, cheat sheets, and exercises.

Here Are the Resources Your Managers Get

20+ Training Videos, in 15-minute Lessons

And watching at 1.5x speed is totally cool. No judgment.

Exercises, Decks, Audio Files, and Transcripts

Watch, listen, read. Learn the way you want to. It’s all good. And available to download.

Instant Access to Course Content

Watch course content when you want it—in your time zone. And, yes, coaching calls occur in the time zones that work for your teams.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Leila and her team help you get answers fast, build peer learning, and create accountability.

Bonus Resources

Additional lessons, recommended books, and cheat sheets/handouts.

And new lessons each month.

Community Forum

Connect with peers and have questions answered in a forum private to your team or company.

Meet Leila, the coach behind Awesome Leader.

Get your managers ready for awesome

Better communication, happier employees, higher employee engagement, and less turnover of top performers is what you want, right?

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