Are Your Company's Managers Pushing People Out the Door?

Most people get promoted because they were great in their last role. And without training or coaching, they’re lost in their new role.

Your managers need help.

They are almost always the #1 reason your top employees leave or stay.

Are you ready to help them, or do you want to keep watching people walk out the door? Ahh, darn. Another resignation. 🙁

Sorry for being direct with you, especially since we just met.
I can help your managers. And they need and want that help.

What Do You Do with Managers Who Don't Know How to Lead?

They need training and coaching. Now.

And, oh, by the way, it has to be online. And good.

Bad managers wreak havoc. They don’t know how to have 1:1 meetings, how to give feedback, or how to delegate.

But they sure seem to figure out how to demotivate their team members. Sigh. 

Cringe (as most teenagers would say)!

Bad managers = unhappy programmers, financial analysts, IT managers, DevOps engineers, recruiters, product leaders, and [insert the title of the people you’re afraid will quit].

Don’t cover your eyes or ears. You have to figure this out.

You have to train and coach people to be great leaders.

Meet The Awesome Manager Program

A high-impact, no-nonsense, ridiculously effective training program for managers interested in becoming the leader their teams remember (in a good way).

Lessons are under 15 minutes. Everyone has 15 minutes each day. (Come on, you know that’s true.)

In less than two months, you’ll have a team that’s not only amazing at their people management skills but ready to take on bigger and more strategic work. 

Warning! There Are Side Effects . . .

Side effects include more effective meetings, better communication, happier employees, higher employee engagement, and less turnover of top performers. You’re welcome.

Accountability Made Easy

This program is ready when you are. Your team can start as soon as next week. (We’re not exaggerating.)

Have a lot of people to train—like 100s? We can handle that. (Again, not exaggerating.)

Live Coaching Calls

Your team gets answers to sticky situations during weekly, cohort-specific coaching calls with their company peers.

Fast answers in a safe place.

Each cohort of 15-25 people gets their own coach. (They’re awesome!)

Right-Sized Lessons

All lessons are under 15 minutes. Your company’s leaders will learn what to do to lead their teams and how to do it. Fast. 

All of our content is written by an executive coach who’s worked with thousands of leaders worldwide. (Yep, once again: not exaggerating.)

End frustration. End burnout. End turnover.

Awesome managers build happy teams.

In this 6-week, self-paced training program, your team receives live support, decks and exercises, video and audio lessons, and a community forum.

Here Are the Resources Your Managers Get

20+ Training Videos, in 15-minute Lessons

And watching at 1.5x speed is totally cool. No judgment.

Exercises, Decks, Audio Files, and Transcripts

Watch, listen, read. Learn the way you want to. It’s all good. And available to download. 

Instant Access to Course Content

Watch course content when you want it—in your time zone. And, yes, coaching calls occur in the time zones that work for your teams.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Leila and her team help you get answers fast, build peer learning, and create accountability.

Bonus Resources

Additional lessons, recommended books, and cheat sheets/handouts.

Community Forum

Connect with peers and have questions answered in a forum private to your team or company.

Here's What the Program Looks Like



(The part where we say what you’re going to learn.)

Module #1

The Big Picture: Why Awesome Leadership is a Must

(Science and soft stuff come together!)

Module #2

Goals Are Required

(Without them, what are we even doing, right?)

Module #3

Everyone is Hungry for Feedback

(Even if it’s constructive feedback) 

Module #4

Delegate Like a Pro

(“More work is better!” said no one, ever)

Module #5

Top Managerial Sticky Situations

(And how to clean them up as well as embrace the “good” challenges)

Module #6

Superhero-like Action Planning

(So your whole team kicks up to a higher level. GO TEAM!)

Leadership Isn't a Natural Skill for Everyone, but Anyone Can Learn It

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again . . .

Great leaders aren’t born. They’re built.

And you’ve found the training you’re looking for.

Let’s get started building those leaders. 

The real reason people are reevaluating their careers (and lives) and rushing for the exit has always remained the same:

Your employees want to grow.

Book a call with Leila to preview the content and get your managers ready for awesome.

Awesome Manager Is Perfect If Your Team Members Are . . .

Known to Cause (Awesome) Breakthroughs in Management and Leadership

I’m Leila Bulling Towne. I’ve spent 25+ years training executives around the world. I’ve coached more than 20,000 managers and leaders and worked closely with founders, VPs, and C-suite executives. My work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal,, The Economist, Fast Company,, Forbes, and beyond.

I built Awesome Manager to bring the work I do one-on-one with Fortune 500 executives to teams and managers across the world.

You need:

  • your leaders to attract and retain top talent
  • to train and nurture your employees
  • to let employees know you’re committed to their growth.

I partner with leaders to do all that. Are you ready?

"I Can't Wait to Work with Leila Again"

"Leila is a trusted advisor who speaks "the truth" at all times. She is insightful, quick, focused, detail and big-picture oriented and grasps group dynamics extremely quickly. I can't wait to work with Leila again."
Cris Barrett
Head of People at AppliedVR
"Many of my subsequent career and life choices and actions were shaped by my work with Leila, leading to a deep introspection regarding how, where, and why I wanted to spend my time. I am grateful to her for the long term impact the coaching has had on my life and career."
Will Price
Founder and GP at Next Frontier Capital
"She is very skilled at creating, facilitating and delivering value-added programs across multiple constituents and cultures . . . She is also one of the best facilitators I’ve observed."
Heather McGaughey
Former SVP of HR

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