You know you need to train your managers.

And they want that training. They want help.

Most people get promoted because they were great in their last role. And without training or coaching, they’re lost in their new role.

Plus, the Great Resignation, Realignment, or Shuffle, means it’s only more likely your bad managers are driving your best employees away. 

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Lessons and sessions are too long. And schedules are always crazy, so you can never find a day that “works” for everyone.

Boring and outdated

How many photos of people in suits at the whiteboard can your team stand? And training over Zoom for hours on end is agony.


Bringing people together in person isn’t easy these days. And many times any type of training–online or in-person is money spent on training you “hope” works. 

Checking the box

There’s no accountability between participants and their own managers. You think if you “send” someone to training, they’re going to “get it”. Think again!


All of our content is designed by an executive coach with 25+ years experience coaching C-level leaders and teams around the world.

Research tells us micro-learning and training in cohorts is how people want to learn and how they retain information. We coulda told you that. 😉

20,000+ awesome leaders trained

everything your managers need to be awesome leaders

Here are the common scenarios we help companies with:

turnover isn't a new thing.
people want to grow.

The reason your employees are reevaluating their careers and rushing for the exit has always remained the same: they want to grow.

They want bigger and brighter careers.

They want to learn from the best. 

They want to be respected. 

Sadly, most managers aren’t equipped for this task . . . until they start the Awesome Manager Program.

rules have changed.
training is better.

Day-long workshops with awkward icebreakers don’t work. They just teach your managers to hate training!

And nothing kills morale faster than being stuck on Zoom for hours on end. Zoom breakouts don’t make training fun; they break your spirit.

Your managers need actionable, micro-learning that they can learn and implement and iterate on the same day.


Small companies and startups

Companies who want more than just on-demand lessons

Leaders who don’t want to check the box with training

Get your managers ready for awesome

Better communication, happier employees, higher employee engagement, and less turnover of top performers is what you want, right?

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