51% of Your Employees Are Thinking About Leaving Right Now

Let’s make sure they have the right leadership to stay

The Great Resignation. The Mass Exodus. The Big Retreat.

Call it whatever you like. Something’s shifting in the job market. Worldwide.

Yesterday, your top programmer gave their notice. Last week, the VP of Product left to join a startup. A new hire with one year of work experience said she wants a raise.

And they’re only the ones you know about.

Resignations are piling up in your Inbox. It seems everywhere there are hushed whispers, talk of new opportunities, and people are jumping ship. Maybe you’ve even started looking around yourself.


Well, it’s simple, really.

People want to go where the grass is greener.

Sure, it’s easy to say that quarantine changed the game. It’s convenient to blame all of this on the pandemic.

But the truth is . . . 

Turnover Isn't a New Phenomenon

The reason your employees are reevaluating their careers and rushing for the exit has always remained the same:

People want to grow. 

And, they want to work for leaders and managers who inspire, nurture, and cultivate their talents.

Sadly, most managers aren’t equipped for this task.

They might be experts in their field. But that doesn’t make them great leaders for their teams.

Now, here’s the good news:

Great managers aren’t born. They’re built.

Remember Those Boring Corporate Leadership Workshops with the Awkward Icebreakers?

They don’t work. And they probably aren’t teaching your managers anything.

In fact, most managers dread them. They’re boring, forced, and nothing kills morale faster than being stuck in a room (or on Zoom) for hours on end. Zoom breakouts don’t make training fun; they break your spirit.

The old rules don’t apply anymore. Training can be better.

Your managers need actionable, digestible training that they can learn and implement and iterate on the same day.

Turn Your Ho-Hum Middle-Managers into Awesome Leaders

Introducing . . . The Awesome Manager Workshop

A 6-week high-impact, fluff-free training program designed to turn your managers into leaders whom your employees admire and commit to.

Watch your managers become the leaders everyone wants them to be—in just 15 minutes a day.

Accountability Made Easy

This program is ready when you are. Your team can start as soon as next week. (We’re not exaggerating.)

Have a lot of people to train—like 100s? We can handle that. (Again, not exaggerating.)

Live Coaching Calls

Your team gets answers to sticky situations during weekly coaching calls with their peers.

Fast answers in a safe place. Check!

Each cohort of 15-25 people gets their own coach. (They’re awesome!)

Right-Sized Lessons

Your company’s leaders will learn what to do to lead their teams and how to do it. 15 minutes at a time.

All of the content is written by a 25-year industry veteran who’s trained and coached thousands of leaders worldwide. (Yep, once again: not exaggerating.)

A Manager's Soft Skills Can Make (or Break) Your Company

. . . And they can transform the lives of employees.

I’m Leila Bulling Towne. I know the soft skills of leaders make or break your company because I’ve seen it happen in the 20+ years I’ve spent training executives around the world. I’ve coached more than 20,000 managers and leaders, working closely with founders and C-suite executives. My work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BBC.com, The Economist, Fast Company, NBCNews.com, and Forbes, among others.

I built Awesome Leader to bring the work I do one-on-one with Fortune 500 executives to teams and managers around the world.

You need your leaders to attract and retain top talent. You need to train and nurture your employees. You need to let them know you’re committed to their growth.

The self-paced, cohort-based programs on Awesome Leader will train your team leads, managers, and leaders to be amazing leaders, ones that succeed in current and future roles.

Awesome Leaders Build Healthy Businesses

Reduced Turnover

Better leaders motivate employees, improve retention of top performers, and create environments where respect rules.

Happy Teams

They foster a culture that creates strong relationships. Ones focused on execution and accountability.

Less Burnout

Leaders who manage their team’s workloads increase productivity without burning the midnight oil (and burning people out).

“I Wish I Had Hired Leila During My Stint as a CEO"

“I looked back and realized I would have made better decisions faster. I understand why people recommend her. She is brilliant.”

“I wish I had hired Leila during my stint as a CEO. I looked back and realized I would have made better decisions faster. I understand why people recommend her. She is brilliant."
Venture Partner & Former CEO
“Every time we met, I saved myself weeks of time addressing people and organizational challenges. She just gets how to help an executive run a company.”
Co-founder & VP Engineering

Healthy Businesses with Awesome Leaders

20,000+ Leaders Trained by Leila

Every Day, Employees Wake Up and Ask Themselves If This is a Career They See Their Future in

Let’s make sure that your team answers an empathic, “Yes!”

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