Are Your Company's Managers Pushing People Out the Door?

Most people simply aren’t given the time, training, and tools they need to grow into their potential to be an Awesome Leader.

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Introducing . . . The Awesome Manager Program. 

We give your managers the key skills they need to lead. 15 minutes at a time. They watch lessons when they want and join weekly coaching calls.

Training managers is now easy! 

Inexperienced managers push people out the door.

They’re not doing it on purpose. Really. 

Half of your employees are already thinking about leaving. Research tells us again and again the #1 reason why people leave: it’s the manager who makes or breaks the employee’s experience. 

Awesome Leaders
Build Healthy Businesses

Reduced Turnover

Awesome leaders motivate employees, improve retention of top performers, and create environments where respect rules.

happy teams

Awesome leaders foster a culture that creates strong relationships—ones focused on execution and accountability.

Less Burnout

Awesome leaders increase productivity without burning the midnight oil (and burning people out).

Changing Behaviors

Wondering why we use animals—and why those animals sometimes wear glasses?

They allow us to lean into a person’s behavior without battling bias about what people look like.
They help you see your teammates (and yourself) based on behaviors rather than physical characteristics.
They represents different leadership styles, behaviors, and personality traits.
They speak to your fears and hopes about being an amazing leader. (yes, really)


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