What do animals have to do with leadership? A lot, actually.

It's Not About Being Cute. It's About Changing Behavior.

See Actions Rather Than Appearance

When you see pictures of people, you make judgments. That’s natural human behavior.

I use animals in our materials because they allow us to lean into a person’s behavior without battling bias about what people look like.

I want you to see your teammates (and yourself) based on behaviors rather than physical characteristics.

And when you’re learning a new skill or changing behaviors, seeing photos of leaders that look like this

. . . isn’t motivating. It’s distracting.

It’s nearly impossible to not connect your reactions to this photo to the age, gender, and race of the people in these photos

You start to think, “Does that person represent me? My team? Our managers? Do we act like that?”

Staged photographs of people in pretend companies don’t inspire a change in behavior.

Again: distracting. Distracting from why you’re here: to learn to be a better leader.

Animals Let You Feel Without Judgment

I designed the Awesome Leader animals to represent different leadership styles, behaviors, and personality traits.

They speak to your fears and hopes about being an amazing leader. (yes, really) 🐮

This approach is very real, very tested, and very proven.
Just like everything else we do. 🐴

Our animals help you and your team to become awesome leaders. 🐢

Again: that’s why you’re here!

Which Animal Are You?

This is just for fun. It’s not a scientifically proven way to assess your leadership.

Fergus, the “Real” Awesome Leader Mascot

Currently, there’s just one animal helping with coaching, training, and content development. His name is Fergus, and he’s a Corgi. 🐶