creating awesome leaders

Meet Leila, the coach behind Awesome Leader.

helping managers navigate transitions

I’ve coached people at all levels — from start-up founders and C-level execs at Fortune 500 companies to first-time team leaders. Before this pandemic, I traveled 100K miles a year, visiting leaders and teams around the world.

I know it can be easier and more fun to be in charge.

It starts with 15 minutes at a time.

20+ years of coaching has taught me . . .

#1. Nobody wants to be a bad leader.

Instead, they dream of being the boss their employees love to work for.

Unfortunately, most people get promoted into bigger titles with more responsibility—and get little to no training or coaching in return.

Some people figure it out—fast. 

And some people fail—fast.

#2. Awesome leaders aren’t born. They’re built.

Leadership isn’t natural for most people. 

It takes hard work, and the training, coaching, and accountability to get to awesome leadership.

And that’s where Awesome Manager comes in. 

In this six-week program, your managers learn how to set goals, delegate, deliver tough feedback and manage up—in lessons that are shorter than 15 minutes.


quick facts

I’ve led workshops on 5 out of 7 continents. I’ve worked in the US, Mexico, Singapore, India, China, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and South Africa.

I rank among the top 10 webinars hosts for the Society for Human Resources (300,000+ members). Give me an hour, and you’ll get great content. No fluff.

I am a top instructor for Udemy for Business with over 86,000 students.

My work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, Fast Company,,, WSJ, Forbes, Marketplace Radio, and Forbes, among others.

In 2018, The Information named me one of the top coaches behind startup founders.

Awesome Leader is different. That’s a good thing.

I write and record all the content

I work with small number of clients at a time

Lessons are short (under 15 minutes)

I work with only the best coaches

I hold people and teams accountable

Content is fun, engaging, and practical

"When you work with Awesome Leader, you work with me. And I know how I build awesome leaders"