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June 13, 2024

@ 9 am PT/12 pm ET

How To Coach Bad Managers

October 27, 2022

@ 8:30 am PT/11:30 am ET

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Leila Bulling Towne

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Lousy. Incompetent. Bad. Inept.

No matter how you describe them, bad managers are a BIG problem.

They lose customers, they increase the turnover of top performers, and they negatively impact your company’s culture.

And guess what? Some of them want to do a great job and others think they’re already doing fabulous work. 

I’m going to help you figure this out in a free workshop on June 13, 2024.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • #1. The Mistakes to Avoid (& A Required Mindset Shift)

Common missteps by orgs and leaders make it easier for bad managers to keep doing bad work. Learn what to stop doing. Also discover the crucial mindset shift you need to make.

  • #2. The 3 Types of Bad Managers

They’re not all the same. And how you coach a struggling manager depends on what type of bad manager they are. What’s their reason for being, well, a terrible manager?

  • #3. The BAD Coaching Model

Learn a model that dramatically decreases the time you spend planning coaching conversations. You’ll see the sentence starters I use with clients, and since this is a live workshop, you can ask questions and get tangible ideas to implement now. 

You can ignore bad managers, 
but can you afford to?

Guess what? If quiet quitting really is a thing, it’s mostly top performers doing it. 

The managers who suck up all your time like a black hole don’t “quiet quit.” They stay. And they do so in a not-so-quiet way.

Join this workshop to face this challenge with a confidence and competence boost for you and any of your leaders who need help ASAP.

PS Yes, it will be recorded, yet the best experience is joining live, so plan to clear your calendar. 

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You lead a team of people managers. And you need to coach someone on your team now. Or, you want to be prepared when a direct report’s management missteps are too big to ignore (it’s gonna happen).
You'll discover performance tips for all levels of performance.

You’re an HR or People leader. Whether you’re a manager, director, or HRBP, your clients rely on your sage advice to help their leaders improve (and retain top performers).
You’ll learn new things, and you can invite anyone else to join, too.

You’re an L&D leader. Learning & Development is your sweet spot, and you want some easy-to-implement ideas.
You'll learn ideas to add to the manager toolkit you already use.

Got questions? I've got answers.

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This workshop is a great way to better understand the behaviors of your fellow peers and possible future direct reports. 

You heard correctly. Join live and I’ll select one person to win a free 1:1 coaching session with me. 

Why you can trust me & how I can help

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve built a reputation as an executive coach with an uncanny ability to make “soft” skills tangible.

My passion (and superpower) is making leadership skills practical and easy to implement. My signature style is 15-minute lessons.

I’m a leadership expert who has:

  • Coached and trained 20k+ people in person
  • Led webinars during the pandemic with over 70K in attendance
  • Been featured in the WSJ,, and the BBC

I know how to help leaders develop awesome managers and lead with ease themselves.

And I love sharing my expertise. 

See you there!

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