Clashing Personalities at Work

We’ve all been there: dealing with the one person at work we just can’t get along with. No matter what we do and say, things don’t get easier. This person just seems different in every way from you. Their personality, wow, you simply don’t get them, and they probably don’t get you either. 

It’s not the sound of silence. It’s the meaning of silence.

What Does Your Face Say When You’re Silent? A client gave me this sign. We are both obsessed with words and how to use them. I spend all day talking. Or listening to someone else talk. I think about what to say back to an executive, guiding them in what they say or write.  I make […]

What’s in Your Emotional Baggage?

What’s in Your Pandemic Emotional Baggage? Usually about this time of the year I’m packing or unpacking. Packing to leave for vacation or unpacking once I arrive somewhere. Right now, I’m doing neither. I’m still dealing with baggage, though. My emotional baggage. Several years ago, I bought this purse at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.   For those of […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Harvey Milk, and Dogs on Zoom

Yes, I’m pulling these three together. Keep reading.  In April, I shared my thoughts about leaders we need to recognize. I wrote about how I needed to remind myself that there are awesome leaders out there, and they are working hard to move us (us = communities, cities, states, provinces, and countries—heck, the world) forward in a […]

Managing Negativity: What to Do with the Complainer

As a manager, a huge part of your job is to work with all kinds of people, with all kinds of temperaments. An amazing manager is able to recognize and use the strengths of each employee, finding a way to make the varying skills and personalities that make up their team work in harmony. It […]

Say One Thing and Do Another: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Employees

Have you seen this behavior in your workplace recently?  The silent treatment. Someone hiding resentment by saying nothing about their true feelings or emitting just a few snide comments. A coworker who says one thing, such as, “I’ll take care of that” but in reality does something completely different, like ignore your request Someone sullenly […]

How to Have a Heart-to-Heart Conversation

Do you have an employee or a peer who is in pain and needs some very honest advice?  In your battle-scarred life as a leader, knowing when and how to have a heart-to heart-talk is critical to your success and to help your employees stay focused and engaged.  However, having an effective heart-to-heart conversation is […]