5 Tips to Ask for Help at Work–NOW

There is one question, no matter who asks it and in what context, that is almost always initially answered with a, “No”.  Do you know what that question is?  It’s, “Do you need help?”  Our first instinct when answering this question is always, “No.”  We say to ourselves, “Do I need help?! Of course not!” […]

Stories About Leaders

It’s Story Time “We approach everything asking one question: given my agenda, will this help me, or will this hurt me? If the answer is neither, it’s white noise.”  -Lisa Cron  I’m reading a fabulous book called Story or Die by Lisa Cron.  I’m learning a lot about using the power of story to influence decisions in my 1:1 and […]

Languishing & High Performers

Languishing is the Verb of the Month . . . And Your High Performers Know It Do You Feel This Way? Frustrated yet kinda focused. Working but not as productive as before. Not depressed yet not really happy. Lost in thought and really looking forward to another night on the couch with Netflix. I hear […]

You’re Bad at Conversations

It’s the truth. We (you, me, humans) aren’t great at talking. Here’s why. Most of us get a failing grade at conversations because we: Wait too long  Don’t prepare what to say Fail to get in the mood (aka prepare ourselves emotionally) Approach it from what we want vs. what is the common and necessary […]

The Prince, the Basketball Coach, a Wolf, & Leadership

I’m a bit angry, and I have some thoughts that you will find useful if 1) you are a leader and/or 2) you need to learn about what good leaders do (and what bad ones tend to never think about). If you want the one-sentence version of this newsletter in one sentence, here it is: be clear on […]

Awkward Days

Photo by Wei Wang on UnsplashHas this ever happened to you? You’re walking around your neighborhood—pre-pandemic or even these days—and another person is walking towards you. You smile, say hi, or nod to that other person—as they come close enough to you to see, hear, or observe your gesture. And the other person does . . . nothing. They […]

Building Trust: WFH During 2021

Most of us agree that building trust is essential at all levels of our careers.  And most of us don’t give much thought to how to go about building trust. We assume that people will see our work, see that we’re good at it, and then start to trust us. Bingo. Trust built!  That’s far from how it […]