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Get your daily dose of leadership training for all of September!

Day 1: It's a choice.

Day 2: What do you get paid to do?

Day 3: What do you like? Dislike?

Day 4: What's easy? What's hard?

Day 5: What's easy & why?

Day 6: What's one hard task?

Day 7: Who are your stakeholders?

Day 8: Describe your stakeholders

Day 9: Who's your least favorite stakeholder?

Day 10: Who's an easy stakeholder?

Day 11: Create urgency! Schedule two meetings.

Day 12: Questions for your stakeholder meetings

Day 13: What's your calendar telling you?

Day 14: What are you afraid of?

Day 15: What are you telling yourself?

Day 16: Start one thing. Stop one thing.

Why you can trust me & how I can help

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve built a reputation as an executive coach with an uncanny ability to make “soft” skills tangible.

My passion (and superpower) is making leadership skills practical and easy to implement. My signature style is 15-minute lessons.

I’m a leadership expert who has:

  • Coached and trained 20K+ people in person
  • Led webinars during the pandemic with over 62K in attendance
  • Been featured in the WSJ,, and the BBC

I know how to help leaders develop awesome managers and lead with ease themselves.

And I love sharing my expertise. 

See you there!