Curious Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work?

You’re smart. You work hard. You know you can reach the goals you aim for. So, why is it so darn hard?

I’ll tell you why: your emotions get in the way.

I’ll also help you understand what to do with those emotions so you can crush (in a good way) your goals.

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This month there are two webinars, so whether you’re in San Antonio or Singapore, the time will work for you. 

EQ + Goal Setting = Success

Yes, there's a secret formula. And I want to give it to you.
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When it comes to setting goals, it’s easy to assume that you’ll reach your goals if you’re smart and work hard. That dedication and desire are enough to get you there.

Well, perseverance and passion don’t seem to help the 71% of people who give up on their goals just two weeks into the new year.

Instead, you need to stop and think about how you feel about your goals—the feelings you have about why you’re creating them and what they will do for you.

That’s why for January’s Awesome Leader webinar, I’ll be diving into using EQ (emotional intelligence) to set and achieve your goals.

The good and bad feelings. And sit in those feelings (yes, I know it’s not fun—but it’s necessary.

In this free, hour-long webinar, we will go over:

  1. The three mistakes we’ve all been taught to believe about New Year’s Resolutions (hint: it has to do with the word “new”),
  2. How your emotional reaction to your goals can help or hinder you (and what to do if it’s the latter),
  3. A 10-minute strategy to set and organize goals (we’ll do it live during the webinar).

Setting goals and achieving them can be easier. Learning about EQ boosts your ability to reach your goals—and I’m going to help you get there in under an hour.  

In the Americas or EMEA? Register for January 20 at 8 am PT/11 am ET/16:00 GMT/17:00 CET.

In Asia Pacific? Register for January 21 at 09:30 Mumbai/12:00 Singapore/13:00 Tokyo/15:00 Sydney.

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