You Made it Through 2020–Here’s Your Ribbon


You Participated in 2020. Congratulations.

So, it’s Friday, December 18, and the best thing I can say to all of you today is:

  1. Thanks for being here. For reading what I write and choosing to learn to be a better leader, and
  2. I’m happy to award this “Participated” ribbon to you!

I’ve had this ribbon around my office for a few years. I got it the same day I bought the demerit badge for whining (see below and BTW you can buy these badges here. I think I have earned the “caffeine addict”, “chocoholic”, “martini”, “pizza”, “I survived”, and “overloaded” badges this year–perhaps several more).

This ribbon is a marker you can use to recognize the confusion, agony, waiting, refreshing your phone, voting, masking up, arguing, homeschooling, washing hands, ordering online, Zoom calls, and sanitizing you did this year. Congratulations!

You made it through 2020.

I really hope your 2020 was more than just making it, yet if you just made it through, that’s fine. You were here. You participated.

You learned a lot, and while this year has been really, REALLY awful in many ways, you are still here.

(Please note this awards ceremony took place socially distanced, within the dreaded Zoom interface.)

Don’t Forget to Get Your Anti-Lazy Leadership Planner.

If you missed this month’s webinar, you can watch the recording and also grab the leadership planner. Our topic was, Plan Your 2021 Leadership (and Have Fun & Stay Sane at the Same Time). 
Now, for you, the anti-lazy leader, a quick, tough-love message from me:

Your leadership skills will only change if you set an intention to develop them and hold yourself accountable.
It never happens by accident. Never.

Trust me on this. I’ve coached over a hundred execs 1:1 and over 2,000 people in workshops.

Leadership happens because you say you will do it and you follow through.

So, watch the webinar and download the planner

Check Out the Preview of the Only Online Manager Training You’ll Ever Want

It’s time to check out the preview of the Awesome Manager program!

Your managers need and want training. You know that.
They need to set goals, give feedback, delegate, and manage performance.
They want to be great managers, but they don’t have the time and they don’t have the resources, especially during this global pandemic.
I have the solution: it’s Awesome Manager. It’s online learning and coaching, 15 minutes at a time. And it’s ready and online.

If you’d like to learn more about this 6-week training program for managers, then check out the free preview. Watch lessons and download some exercises.

This online program is . . .

  • Bite-sized: short video lessons walk managers through what they need to know, fast. Snappy, honest, and to the point.
  • Available 24/7: your managers log on when they can and when they want. And they have access to a private (no FB groups here) community where I answer their questions.
  • Ready to download and reference anytime: decks, transcripts, cheat sheets, and exercises are all available.
  • Reasonably priced and full of quality content, written and hosted by a leadership expert who coaches Fortune 500 C-Suite leaders (that’s me!).
  • Fun, engaging, and practical (boring not allowed).
  • Easy for HR/L&D to set up. We do the work so you don’t have to. (nice, eh?)

Ready to check it out? Sign up for the free preview here.

Bye, Bye 2020 . . . and Our First 2021 Webinar is All About Promotions

And that’s a wrap for 2020.

Lots of good stuff coming in 2021, including a webinar on January 12 about getting ready for a promotion! I’ve asked my friend and fellow coach Stacy Mayer to talk to the Awesome Leader community about getting ready for a promotion.Details are here. Mark your calendars!

Lead with ease and talk to you soon,

PS I swear Zoom steals a little of my soul each day, but I won’t be a crybaby about it (see below).