Join Me For a Webinar with Shelley Osborne

Join Me for a Webinar with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy & Author of The Upskilling Imperative

Hello everyone,

First, an invitation to join me for a special webinar on
September 29 at 8 am PT with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy.

Shelley is the author of The Upskilling Imperative, and she’ll share ideas about how to provide continuous learning for your team members, your company, and you.

I’m a big Udemy fan. I have two workshops on the Udemy for Business platform, one on EQ and another on Goal Setting. In 18 months, I’ve helped 26,000 students develop their EQ and plan SMART goals.

The message is clear: people want to learn online and do it on their time.

In this webinar on September 29, Shelley will discuss how to turn feedback into fuel, how to think like a marketer, how to put learning into the flow of work, and more.

Webinar participants will receive a self-evaluation (sent the day before) to pinpoint where they and their companies are in developing a learning culture.

We’ll also share an action guide after the presentation.

We desperately need new approaches and new thinking during this pandemic. And we (all of you) have employees who still need and want to learn and grow.

This will be an interactive and entertaining webinar, and you never know: there might be some books to win, too. OK, there will be some books to win. 😉 Register now.

Feel free to share the webinar invitation with your peers, clients, directs, and your network. Here’s a page on the Awesome Leader webinar with details.

Registration is open to all.

And, yes, I will send registrants a link to the recording in case you need to step away during the presentation.

Once again, this is September 29 at 8 am PT. I hope to see your thoughts coming in through the chat and Q&A that day.

What Gallup Thinks About Performance Reviews During this Pandemic

Performance reviews in 2020 shouldn’t follow the tried and true processes you used in 2019: they need to evolve.

In this Gallup article you’ll learn about three changes to make to your performance review process.

One of them is “doh” (US speak) or “bloody” (English/Irish speak) obvious: you have to keep the feedback going.

Check out this graphic on how frequent feedback is key for remote workers. And look the date: it’s data from 2019.

That’s right: we already knew this . . . it’s about feedback.

Read the article. It’s worth your time.

Small Talk with Strangers:

In the last two weeks I’ve met four new people.

I wasn’t wearing a mask and I wasn’t following social distancing . . . because we met over video, after being matched as business people with similar interests who were ready for no-pressure networking.

I did this with the help of It’s a networking platform using AI to connect people.

I was more than a tad skeptical when I received an invitation about six months ago.

I’m a natural and preferred Introvert: I like to make small talk on my terms. And it sounded goofy and unnecessary.

But a few weeks ago I realized I was desperate for some new voices and faces. I missed having short, somewhat random, and for the most part interesting conversations with people.

I missed small talk that sometimes led to big talk.

I missed having short conversations with people in a hallway at a client’s office or next to me on a short plane ride.

If you want to check out Lunchclub, you can do so here.

Conversations Your New Managers Need to Be Having

Finally, I just added a new, free guide to my Awesome Leader resources. It’s called The Top 5 Conversations New Managers Rarely Have (But Really Need to).

New managers tend to shy away from organizing their thoughts about the people they need to talk to. I hope this guide makes it easier. It’s especially lonely being a newly promoted manager now.

I’ve spent a lot of time (two decades+ . . . yikes) coaching leaders and their teams, and I think this resource can really help.

After you’ve checked it out, share feedback with me.

Or, schedule a time for “coffee” with me (we don’t need AI to match us).

Here’s to you stepping up into that next level of awesome!

May you lead with ease,


PS Let me know if you’d like some free passes for you and your teams to check out my Udemy workshops.