You’re Bad at Conversations

It’s the truth. We (you, me, humans) aren’t great at talking. Here’s why. Most of us get a failing grade at conversations because we: Wait too long  Don’t prepare what to say Fail to get in the mood (aka prepare ourselves emotionally) Approach it from what we want vs. what is the common and necessary […]

The Prince, the Basketball Coach, a Wolf, & Leadership

I’m a bit angry, and I have some thoughts that you will find useful if 1) you are a leader and/or 2) you need to learn about what good leaders do (and what bad ones tend to never think about). If you want the one-sentence version of this newsletter in one sentence, here it is: be clear on […]

Got Bad Managers?

Raise your hand if you know a bad manager. I can’t see the raised hands, but I know they are there. Some of you are holding them up high. You shot those hands up as soon as you read my prompt. “Yes!” is what you’re saying aloud. “Yes! I know a bad manager!” Some of […]

You Made it Through 2020–Here’s Your Ribbon

  You Participated in 2020. Congratulations. So, it’s Friday, December 18, and the best thing I can say to all of you today is: Thanks for being here. For reading what I write and choosing to learn to be a better leader, and I’m happy to award this “Participated” ribbon to you! I’ve had this […]

No Lazy Leaders, No Team Building, and Less Weird Small Talk

The Year is Almost Over. It’s Easy to Be Lazy as a Leader. I find it very tempting to look at the date–December 3–and just wish January 1, 2021 were here. Wish that this year was over. Refund, please. Or, do-over, please.  In 2021 we will still be wearing masks. In 2021 there will still […]

It’s Almost Over (This Year, I Mean ;) )

 In this newsletter, I share some thoughts on the beauty of honest conversations, and I also invite you to join my November 18, 2020 webinar, hosted by First, The Beauty of an Honest Conversation & Why I’m Not the Jacka** Whisperer I love the truth. I’m a little obsessed with it. And I think you […]

A Webinar with Shellye Archambeau

Join Me for a Webinar with Shellye Archambeau, Author of Unapologetically Ambitious. Hello everyone, Today I’m reaching out with a short but important note: an invitation to join me for a special webinar on October 20 at 8 am PT with Shellye Archambeau, Fortune 500 board member, former CEO of MetricStream, advisor, and author. Shellye is the author of Unapologetically […]

Join Me For a Webinar with Shelley Osborne

Join Me for a Webinar with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy & Author of The Upskilling Imperative Hello everyone,

 First, an invitation to join me for a special webinar on
September 29 at 8 am PT with Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning at Udemy. 

Shelley is the author of The Upskilling Imperative, and she’ll share ideas […]

I Make the Rules

Make More Rules I’ve always prided myself as a rule follower. Somewhat to the extreme. I have trouble crossing the street when the walk sign is off. Even if there are no cars around. Here’s my thinking. The idea of breaking a rule that’s been put in place to protect me, to keep traffic flowing […]

Here is Your Awesome Leader Coloring Book

Back to School: No Supplies Needed August feels different this year. I know you get that. Back to school doesn’t feel or look like back to school. No one is finishing up a vacation, few people are dropping college freshman off, and in California, we are already staying indoors, evading smoke, as wildfires rage around us. I haven’t […]