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Leadership (not political) problems, leadership lists, and Nena’s balloons

Hi leader,

What a week and month so far, eh?

It’s hard to stay focused on what I can influence or control when “What the $%X@&* is going on?!”

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What’s your (leadership) stoplight?

You Need to Know What’s Red, Yellow, and Green

This is not about traffic lights.

It’s about where you spend your time and place your energy.

This is an exercise I ask all new executive coaching clients to complete: review your calendar and think about what’s red, yellow, or green.

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Leadership and Covid are both contagious.

Catch the Good Leadership.

Not the Bad.

I’ll start this email by saying that it has nothing to do with masks and vaccines.

Yet Covid and Leadership have some things in common, and the Omicron variant has made the connections stronger.

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Stories About Leaders

It’s Story Time

“We approach everything asking one question: given my agenda, will this help me, or will this hurt me? If the answer is neither, it’s white noise.”  -Lisa Cron 

I’m reading a fabulous book called Story or Die by Lisa Cron. …

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Languishing & High Performers

Languishing is the Verb of the Month . . . And Your High Performers Know It

Do You Feel This Way?

Frustrated yet kinda focused. Working but not as productive as before.…

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Leadership Spring Cleaning: Start, Stop, Continue

You Have Ideas: Put Them Into Start, Stop Continue

Start, Stop, Continue is one of my favorite brainstorming and organizing techniques. 

I use it often in executive coaching discussions, and over the past month, I’ve been using it to spring clean my mind and my business.…

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