About Leila in 45 Seconds

I’ve coached people at all levels — from start-up founders and C-level execs at Fortune 500 companies to first-time team leaders. Before this pandemic, I traveled 100K miles a year, visiting leaders and teams around the world.

I know it can be easier and more fun to be in charge.

It starts with 15 minutes at a time. 

In 20+ years of coaching, I've seen two things, again and again, all around the world:

#1. Nobody wants to be a bad leader. Really.

Instead, they dream of being the boss their employees love to work for. 

Again, no one starts off their management career saying, “I hope I’m the worst manager ever.” 

They want to motivate people, create an engaging and fun work environment, and lead teams that do stellar work. They know it’s not all puppies and rainbows (it will be tough at times), but they want to be an amazing leader.

Unfortunately, most people get promoted into bigger titles with more responsibilityand get little to no training or coaching in return. 

Some people figure it outfast. Some people failfast. 

And some are mediocre managers their entire careers. With average teams and second-rate products. 

Don’t lose hope! Keep reading . . .

#2. Awesome leaders aren't born. They're built.

Leadership isn’t natural for most people. 

It takes hard work, the desire to want to be a great leader, and the training, coaching, and accountability to get to awesome leadership. 

But, again, most people don’t have all that in place when they get promoted. And their companies aren’t sure how to help them (and their peers). 

And that’s where Awesome Manager comes in. 

In this 6-week program, groups of managers learn how to set goals, delegate, deliver tough feedback, and manage upin lessons that are shorter than 15 minutes. They watch and learn when they want. 

And each week, they meet as a team with an executive coach. 

There’s also office hours and an online community to communicate with their coach and each other.

Awesome Manager makes it possible for teams to move from average to awesome, and it starts with 15 minutes. 

I’ve trained over 20,000 people, so I know leaders are bornthey’re built. A little at a time. Training, coaching, and accountability. 

I’m ready to build your leaders. Are you ready?

You Can’t Run A Business with Constant Turnover

Yet so many of us try.

This isn’t a services industry problem. Or a blue-collar or manufacturing problem. Or a small business problem . . .

Turnover impacts all of us.

And we’re feeling the turnover of the places around us—not just where we work. Longer lines at cafes. Shipping delays because the carrier has a 60%+ turnover rate. Waiting longer for customer service help—on the phone or over email. 

You might also be seeing high employee turnover devastate your organization.

Yet, some businesses, even those in troubled sectors,
are doing just fine.

Their skilled employees are sticking around and remain motivated because . . .

They have Awesome Leadership.

Not Your Average "Corporate Training"

Small, Personal Cohorts

Frictionless Online Learning

Expert Content

Awesome Manager isn’t designed to just tick the L&D box on your HR checklist.

This program provides the help you need because you want to retain your employees and help them grow.

I say this with 100% certainty because I’ve built my career around helping managers navigate transitions and become incredible leaders.

Even in “uncertain times.”

Do You Want to See How I Can Help Your Team?

Each lesson is just 5-15 minutes.

We all have that amount of time each day to devote to becoming better leaders. 

"I can't wait to work with Leila again."

"Leila is a trusted advisor who speaks "the truth" at all times. She is insightful, quick, focused, detail and big-picture oriented and grasps group dynamics extremely quickly. I can't wait to work with Leila again."
Cris Barrett
Head of People at AppliedVR
"She is very skilled at creating, facilitating and delivering value-added programs across multiple constituents and cultures . . . She is also one of the best facilitators I’ve observed."
Heather McGaughey
Former SVP of HR

Everything Here Is Proven Thousands of Time Over

Before starting my own practice, I built the Learning and Development function at CNET Networks. Since launching in 2008, I’ve helped founders, new CEOs, and executives develop their “soft” communication skills to create incredible results.

More than 100,000 students have joined my online workshops — and my work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BBC.com, NBCNews.com, Reuters, and dozens of other publications. I’m a top instructor for Udemy for Business and one of the most popular webinar hosts for the largest HR professional org in the world. 

Not bad, right? 😉

I love language, and I’m an expert at dissecting tough conversations and putting them back together again. This is where my programs go deeper than the rest.

You shouldn’t have to deal with alarming turnover and poor middle management on your own.

Let’s see if my experience and resources can help you get your team back together.

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